The AV Racing driver did not have much time to enjoy his success in the Rok Cup Superfinal. Just a week later, he took part in the next round of the Italian Championship, this time at Castelletto Track. On the other hand, it was a chance for Janek to continue his winning streak. How was it? You can see in the photos below, but one by one!

In the Qualifying Practice, Jan achieved the time of 1:09.460, which gave him 9th position and a place in group C. In the first heat he was 13th, but in the second he showed what he’s made of and finished third. Such results in two qualifying races gave the driver from Rossoszyca 11th place in the entire list of Mini drivers.

Janek crossed the finish line 6th in the first Final. However, the best race of the weekend by the AV Racing driver took place few hours later, in the second Final. This time he was the winner of the race!