The 25th edition of the Winter Cup was held at the well-known South Garda Karting track in Lonato. Of course, Janek just couldn’t miss this prestigious competition.

Of course, the competition began with a qualifying. Janek set 55.325 and finished second in his group! Jan was in the fifth position among all the drivers. Shortly after the time trial the first qualifying race was held, to which the AV Racing driver started from the third field. Through the whole race, Janek was fighting for the victory. Finally, Janek finished the race in second place, with a minimum gap of 0.111 to the winner! In the race of groups A and C, the AV Racing driver was constantly riding on the rear bumper of the leader, and after five laps their advantage over the third driver was already 2 seconds! On the seventh lap Janek successfully overtook his rival and brought the victory to the finish! The last of the qualifying races took place between groups A and D. This time Janek again gained position shortly after the start and jumped into the second position. Later, he began to effectively build the gap over the rest of the group. This time, however, he failed to take the lead in the last part of the race and finished in second place.

To the super heat Janek started from the pole position. The AV Racing driver spent most of the race at the head of the group. Janek lost his lead briefly but regained it with a great and unexpected attack in the last corner. That was a great race by Janek!

Starting to the finals was not really the easiest. Janek had the second – external starting position for this race. After the start, Jan scored a slight decline, but then he started to make up for the losses. For a moment he even owned the fastest lap of the race. During lap 11 Janek attacked the lead and for a moment he even jumped to the second position. Unfortunately, after a while, Janek made a little mistake and was attacked by a large group of drivers, which costed him four places. Only one lap remained until the finish line, but Janek managed to reach the fifth place. Unfortunately, he received a 5-second time penalty after the race, which means finished the Winter Cup in 12th place.

It was a great competition performed by Janek, but it was a bit unlucky at the very end.