At the turn of January and February the first round of this year’s WSK Super Master Series was played in Adria. Unfortunately, Janek will not have good memories from this competition.

After training sessions, WSK drivers began a real competition in the Super Master Series 2020. Janek started in the second group during the qualifying. The result of 54.835 gave him a second place, just 0.052 behind the fastest driver of his group. In combined results, the driver of AV Racing was classified in fourth position, which put him in group D. The first heat was the race of groups B and D, to which the driver from Rossoszyca started from the first row. Unfortunately, a minor mistake on the last lap made him drop several positions finish the race in P4. The first Saturday’s race – a duel of groups C and D, started with a slight decline for Janek. After the start he fell from second to third place but eventually finished back in second. For the D and E groups race, the AV racing driver started from pole position. After a few laps Janek fell to the second place. On the last lap Jan was still trying to regain his lost leadership and unfortunately he touched the over driver and fell to eighth place. Groups A and D faced each other in the last heat. This race took place in extremely difficult and changeable conditions. On the last lap Janek made a successful attack and from the third position, he broke to second!

Unfortunately, Janek was not really successful on the last day of the 1st round of the WSK Super Master Series. The driver of AV Racing started to prefinal B from the second place. On the first lap, he slipped a bit but then began to recover lost positions… Unfortunately, he took part in an incident with another driver, which deprived him of even a chance to reach the finish line of the race.

Therefore, Janek could only start in the final B… from 32 place. Janek bravely fought and crossed the finish line in 21st place, but the bad luck did not leave him even for a moment. A penalty of 5 seconds made him drop in official results to position 27. It is a pity this weekend because the pace in each run was high, but Adria International Raceway was not very happy this weekend. May the card turn quickly!