This day will be remembered forever in Janek’s history! Janek won the world finals of the ROK CUP and thus became the World Champion of the Mini Rok category!

ROK CUP Superfinal 2020 was moved to the Franciacorta Karting Track at the last minute, so the drivers faced a big challenge. Fortunately, Janek quickly adapted to the prevailing conditions and won his group in the Qualifying Practice. The time of 1:07.636 gave him the second place in Mini Rok category and a place in Group E.

The AV Racing driver dominated the Qualifying Heats, winning all three he competed in! He was the only Mini Rok driver to do so. The final race was incredibly tough and we can’t even count how often the top five exchanged positions. Jan found himself best in all this chaos and at the right moment launched an attack on the leader! Te driver from Rossoszyca did not give up the lead in the end, showing off an excellent defensive drive.

Jan managed to improve the result from 2019, when he was third. This time Janek Przyrowski takes home the cup for FIRST PLACE! Thanks a lot for cheering all weekend.