After two exciting days of qualifying, we have reached the decisive moments of the FIA ​​World Karting Championship in Sarno. Janek started Sunday’s racing as good as he could – triumphing in Super Heat A, thanks to which he secured a start from the second position to the Final.

Unfortunately, starting the race from the outside line usually means a high risk of losing your position at the beginning. It was no different this time. In the first corner Jan slumped in the classification, and he went out of the track, saving the situation. Eventually, driver of Tony Kart returned to action in the fifteenth position and was forced to chase the leading group.

The chase that Janek presented to us throughout the race deserves separate praise. The driver from Rossoszyca in the blink of an eye made up for his loss and joined the leaders fighting for the podium. Until the end of the race, we watched the exciting battle of the best drivers of the OK Junior category in the world – including Janek!

After seventeen laps of excitement, Jan was classified third, making the third step of the podium in the FIA ​​World Karting Championship! Janek, of course, feels a bit unsatisfied, being fully aware of his potential, but it does not change the fact that he showed himself from a really great side!