The second round of the WSK Super Master Series at South Garda Karting is over! Due to the unlucky qualifying race on Friday, it was extremely difficult competition for Janek, which he managed to finish with a good result.

The competition began with a time trial, in which the AV Racing driver got second place in his group with a time of 53.217! In the overall ranking, Janek was in fourth place and was assigned to group D. Janek’s next session was the first of the qualifying races in which groups C and D participated. Unfortunately on the fifth lap Janek had to retire due to chain failure . Janek humbly accepted the situation from the first race and was really motivated before the last Friday’s race – heat of groups D and F. After starting from pole position Janek maintained the lead with several rivals began to run away from the rest of the field. On the second lap, he lost the lead, but he regained it on lap five and confidently brought it to the finish line. Two Saturday heats were a real display of the AV Racing driver’s skills. Victory and the fastest lap time in the race of groups A and D, then P3 and again the fastest lap when groups D and E raced. Because of the big attendance, the last driver’s heats were going on Sunday. Janek brought the fourth place and the and one more fastest lap time in the B-D race.

The driver of AV Racing qualified for the prefinal A, in which he started from the tenth place. Unfortunately, the outer line dropped at the start and the driver from Rossoszyca scored a fall to the thirteenth place. Janek made up for the losses quickly and was already sixth on the sixth lap. Next lap he gained two more positions and then showed off effective attacks on the last lap and finished the race in fifth place! As before, Janek got the best lap time in the race! Is it a new manner of him?

For the final race, the AV racing driver started from the ninth starting field. The first part of the race was a bit messy on the track and the drivers were shuffling many times, the situation calmed down a bit on the fifth lap when Janek was driving in ninth. On the eighth lap, Janek caught the leading group and was able to attack. He jumped into eighth place, and on the next lap to seventh. Once again Janek gained a few more positions on the last lap and just before the finish line he moved to fifth place!

It was really difficult, but also a really good competition for Janek. Now it’s time to focus on the next race weekend. Janek has a really good pace on the track that made him set several fastest lap times, which proves he’s in great disposition!