Janek, after two weekends in the European Championship and the Champions of the Future round, returned to competition in WSK! In the Qualifying Pracitce, the driver from Rossoszyca had a difficult task, and the time at the level of 49,497 allowed him to take 19th place. Janek was assigned to group A. In the first heat (A-B), the driver of Tony Kart, after starting the race from 19th place, gained 5 places and crossed the finish line in 14th position. In his second start, the race of groups A and C, the mission for Janek was exactly the same. This time the competitor from Rossoszyca overtook four rivals and finished the race in fifteenth place. In the A and D heat, after starting from 19th place, Janek made it to 13th to the finish line. The next race brought even more excitement. Janek once again started from the nineteenth position, but during the first lap he advanced to the tenth place and it was there that he finished the competition. In the last race, Janek again showed off his atomic start. After a few laps, he returned to the top ten, unfortunately as a result of a reshuffle at the end of the race, Janek placed 14th.

In the summary of heats, Janek was 39th, which means that we saw him in the pre-final A, starting from the 20th position. The start from the outside line was not the best for Janek and after two laps Janek ended up in 22nd position. Fortunately, he started to move forward quickly and on the fifth lap he was promoted to the nineteenth place. After eleven laps, Janek was already sixteenth. Janek did not give up and fought to the finish line, which resulted in the fourteenth position and a promotion to the final race! For his first final in the WSK series in the OKJ category, Janek set off from 27th place. After an unlucky start, the driver of the Tony Kart factory team, was at the end of the pack. Once again Janek showed his will to fight and after three laps he returned to the twenty-seventh position. There were several reshuffles in the next phase of the race. At the end of the final, Janek found himself well and finally finished the race in twenty-fourth place.